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All money goes to support Eric Sayward, founder of this chapter to keep him doing amazing things in the truth movement! if you wish to contact Eric, you can Email Eric at admin@wisbin.com.


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  • Truther Tools an amazing set of high-tech tools to empower truthers
  • InfoWars.com Great News Channel
  • Logos Radio Network provides remedy for legal issues, great site for alternative news!
  • Truth Jihad With Kevin Barrett

  • Loose Change
  • End Game
  • Fabled Enemies
  • The Obama Deception
  • Invisible Empire
  • Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA
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    Abortion, divide and conquer?

        We are change Wisconsin is a collective group of "We are change" chapters within the State of Wisconsin. There is no one chapter in charge, and all who wish to join can. Our goal is to help the "We are change" groups communicate, organize, and maximize the amount of change that we can make a reality. Keep in mind that not all change is good, our Idea of change is that which makes the world a better place for all humanity. Truth is our guide, love is our strength, and freedom is our goal. We face many challenges, many enemies, and those who will seek to "debunk" us. All I can say to you now is that the truth is exclusive. The truth can't be destroyed, it can not be changed, and It defines itself. The truth can only be burried in lies, it can only be ignored, or rejected by those who are brainwashed. It is our #1 goal to wake up the masses of people and teach them to think for themselves, to resist tyranny, and to reclaim what is rightfully Ours.. FREEDOM! - Way

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